Privacy statement of our commitment to protect the privacy of users, you before use please read and agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy protection rules.Given the nature of the network, we will inevitably produce direct or indirect interactions with you, sometimes we need some information to service for you with your request, this privacy statement explains the data collection and usage of these cases.
Important note about the user   Security

The company attaches great importance to the protection of user privacy, privacy is a basic policy of the company.Registration data provided by you and the company reserves a number of other users about your data will be subject to Chinese privacy laws and norms of the company's "privacy statement".Without prior consent of the users, the company will not use company registered users (hereinafter referred to as the "user") of user information, also won't reveal identifiable information to any third party, unless it is necessary to provide services to users.Through the user agrees to, the company can collect user information, but the user shall have the right to refuse further to collect their personal information, has the right to review or request the company to delete the user information.


User information and data is collected and stored in a place in our server, we will use the industry standard efforts in order to maintain the privacy of your user information, we have corresponding security measures to ensure that we master information is lost and not be abused and altered.These safety measures, including using secure sockets layer (SSL) contracts, using the server authentication and data encryption, server backup data and the user password encryption, etc.But the Internet does not exist "absolute security", we will try our best to do the most effective protection for data security.

The registration information   The user name and password
Registered as a user, you need to fill in the registry.We require registration for the system, you must fill out name and address, phone number, your real name and email address.We will use these information directly related to the registered user with basic prophase using guidance.You can visit our website at any time to modify the user information, and can contact us to confirm not receiving call from our company to visit and email notification.   Products and services only registered company users shall have the right to enjoy.Once the user registration, become the company's users, will get a user name and password, and have the right to use their own user name and password login company at any time.Users to take full responsibility for the safety of the user name and password, at the same time, with its user name take full responsibility for all activities and events.Users shall not presumptuously transfer in any form or authorize others to use their own user name.Users can use through their passwords account.If the user has leaked password, could lead to adverse legal consequences.So no matter any reason, the user's password security is not threatened, please contact the company.
The use of cookies   Related to the disclaimer
Cookies refers to a technology, when users access the Cookies device company website, company server will automatically send Cookies to your browser, and stored in your computer's hard drive, mark is responsible for the Cookies you visit company website of various activities in the future, user data, browsing habits, consumption habits and even credit history.
Use Cookies technology, the company can provide you with a more thoughtful personalized service.We will use Cookies to your preferences, so as to provide you with information of interest or stored password, every time when you visit company website so that you don't have to repeat the password.
You can accept or reject a Cookie.Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually according to their own need to modify your browser Settings to refuse cookies.If you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the interactive function of access service or website.
  The issues relating to the company does not undertake any legal liability including: company according to the requirement of the law or related government provide your user information;Because you will tell the user password to others or share with others the registration bank account, the resulting any user data leaks;Any third party under the terms of the company's services and listed in the statement of use your user information, disputes caused by the;Any due to hackers, computer virus invasion or attack and temporarily closed due to government regulation affect normal operation of the network;Any consequences caused by force majeure and the company listed in the terms of service and statement of use or waiver.

The company will update this privacy statement from time to time.A statement after the announcement effect, users need to abide by.If you to this privacy statement or the company's privacy protection measures and the problems you are using any opinions and Suggestions, please contact us.
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