As the creator of business wear for young professional women, under the concept of perfect integration of style and business, Lily designs the ¡°perfect¡± business dresses for young metropolitan professional women with fresh, bright, modern and simple styles.


The style of Lily¡¯s core products is ¡°powerful, feminine, modern and bright¡±. The designers are inspired by ¡°modern artistic style¡± and incorporate trendy elements from Surrealism, Modern Times, Byzantine Art, etc. Then they develop unique aesthetics of business dresses featuring simple and sharp outlines, creative colors and prints.


Lily has opened over 700 stores in China¡¯s 250 cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan. It has nearly 60 boutique stores in international markets such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore and Kuwait, etc.


Lily has successfully launched its brand in Milan Fashion Week, German CPD and other international fashion events. It was awarded ¡°Designers Universe¡± in Milan Fashion Week and became a new fashion brand receiving great attentions from the fashion industry.

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